Café Florida

On Wednesday September 2, Milonga Florida receives DJ Rodrigo “Charrúa” Saraibe, who is going to give us the best of his music selection for all milongueras and milongueros dancing that night. He will also DJ at our Milonga Florida on the following week, September 9.

Also on Wednesday September 2, at 8 pm, I’ll teach a SPECIAL CLASS on “VALS CRUZADO”, assisted, as every class at Milonga Florida, by Olga Matveeva.

EVERY WEDNESDAY: Drop in class and milonga.
8 pm: Beginner/Intermediate class. 
9 pm to midnight: Milonga (Tango dance party).

Where: Milonga Florida, @ La Pista Tango Studio, 768 Brannan Street, San Francisco.

Parking at Milonga Florida, click here.

Each class begins with brushing up the fundamentals of Tango: walking to the rhythm, proper posture, body alignment, comfortable embrace. We study movements, from basics to sophisticated. We work on technical details through exercises and drills. I demonstrate the elements’ function in connection with the music, the floor, the partner, other couples, the line of dance. You learn to gracefully navigate the milonga floor as well as the whole cultural context of social tango.

At Milonga Florida, music includes an exquisite selection of Tango, Milonga and Vals tandas; a friendly and inviting atmosphere, where dancers adhere to the Milonga codes. Experience the connection, join us!

$15 one class (includes milonga). PURCHASE ONLINE.
$15 milonga only. PURCHASE ONLINE.


Classes’ cards include milonga. Classes’ cards can be used in all my classes, excepted Walnut Creek classes.

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Milonga is the place where tango lives. We, the team of Milonga Florida, are committed to making it a home for all who seek sweetness and beauty in the embrace of our greatest passion: TANGO.

We like to practice the codes of the milonga. They allow each milonguera and milonguero to dance with who they want, when they want, without pressure. The milonga codes allow you to enjoy the maximum freedom, and encourage respect among everyone. Freedom and respect are inseparable.

We play music of the Golden Era, beautifully and carefully made by artists who loved tango, and crafted it for great tango dancers. Most of those musicians were milongueros, too, which gave them full understanding of the art form.

We like to greet you, give you a place in our hearts, and a physical place at our milonga. Please let us assign a chair at a table for you and your friends. If you come alone we will introduce you to our regulars. We are a group that loves to dance tango, enjoys listening to tango music, and appreciates the culture of tango. We welcome you to share with us that love, joy, and appreciation. 

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.  We want to hear from you.


Long Life to Tango

Milonga Florida Team